Adrian Olivia Anderson

I am currently a senior at Ithaca College, in the process of receiving a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts Management and minors in Art History and Business Administration. I feel that I am extremely well cut out for the field of Arts Administration and Arts Management. Not only will I be combining my love and experience with theatre, music, and the fine arts, but I also enjoy speaking to patrons, marketing the arts, and have a strong sense of time and people management.

After my graduation from Ithaca, I plan on attending graduate school for Arts Administration and eventually working in art museums/ galleries, public art forums, art councils and foundations, theatres, ballets/ dance companies, opera houses, symphony orchestras, and arts festivals.

Thank you for viewing my E-Portfolio, and please feel free to browse my photo galleries, documents, and the Ithaca College Theatre Department's website to learn more about my education: Theatre Arts Management at Ithaca College. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please e-mail me at You can also view selected photos of my previous work on this page under the Documents section in my Portfolio.