This is me and my laptop!

Welcome to my ePortfolio page! 

I am Alyssa Berdie and I am a junior at Ithaca College. I currently am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Television & Radio with a concentration in Media Production within the Roy H. Park School of Communications. I am also an Integrated Marketing Communications minor (originally major) within the Park School and a Writing minor within the School of Humanities and Sciences, and also taking Scriptwriting courses in the Park School to compliment my creative and creative non-fiction writing courses.

My passion is creation, no matter what the project or subject; I value and enjoy taking nothing and creating something beyond anyone's imagination. My career goal is to be a director, writer and producer of television or film. I believe the combination of my major and minor have given me the ability to gain the skills I will need to manage most aspects of a television series or film in a creative way that many television/film majors may not get the ability to experience.

I will be attending Ithaca College's Los Angeles program in the Spring of 2014, where I will be taking a 6-credit internship at a production company as well as taking courses.  I am seeking to work at a production company in development and production. 

I am a very organized, passionate and driven person. I never settle for anything that I don't consider to be my best work. I am always working to improve myself along with the work that I produce. 

My resume can be found in documents and is accurate as of the Summer of 2013.