I'm riding a horse in Nicaragua


My name is Alexander Brown. I hail from the big apple, New York City. Prior to Ithaca, I went to a boarding school called Buxton School in Williamstown, MA. When I first arrived there, I was unaware about how many people atteneded the school. It was very different from the public schools I went to in New York in terms of academics. As a school of 90 students, I got more attention from my teachers which helped my academics a lot. It was a great experience that I will never forget. I made many connections and friendships that will last forever and memories that could never fade.


At Ithaca, I am majoring in Television & Radio with a concentration in Scriptwriting. Ever since I was little, I've always been intrigued by movies. I always enjoyed watching Jurassic Park I & II in addition to Independence Day. Influences came from action films I watched as well as the dramatic films I could watch over and over. My interest lied in the screenplay of a film. The dialogue and the way the story flows was something that amazed me constantly. I wish to be a part of that. My skills are currently in the process of crafting. As a screenwriter, I hope to help create a writer's guild here at Ithaca College. My plan for the guild is to assemble people who have a passion for scriptwriting and have them exchange ideas and collaborate on endeavors. The main goal of this group is to make either a full length scripted movie or television show. My dream is to be an Executive Producer for future film and television shows. Hopefully after the many connections I make during my years at Ithaca College, I can make a name for myself as a screenwriter. I know it is hard to write for both film and television, but I plan to make it happen.


During the S.P.A.R.K. course, five important issues came up in concern to what awaits me after college. Bill D'Elia inspired me to continue on my journey and not to create anything that you feel is forced. That was the most influential part of the S.P.A.R.K. course in terms of my goals after college. Creating movies and television show is what I see myself doing, and to do it the way I envision it would be icing on the cake. Another example of one the five issues is the changing of the guard. My field of choice might not be affected as much in comparison to other fields of communication. Screenwriters aren't affected in the ways of communication. It would make life easier in contacting major producers/directors via Skype, twitter, Facebook or the new wave of technological smart phones. We must acknowledge this type of media as an important factor in our ever-changing American lifestyle as well as for the future. Most adults are not as "tech savvy" as younger adults as well as their children. That will be a positive and a negative. It's negative because we'd be so dependent in the future that in the event everything crashes, we won't know what to do. For us, the Park school is where it all starts. The resources and contacts they connect us with will go a long way into defining our career in media and communications. The alum I even pinch in to help undergraduates with internships and all the above. If anything, this course has shown me to take full advantage of the opportunities and grab them by the horns.