Alexander Cammy


Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio! My name is Alexander Cammy (Alex for short) and I am a freshman Television and Radio major at the Roy H. Park School of Communications of Ithaca College where I have a concentration in Media Production and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. At Ithaca College I am very proud to be one of 60 selected Leadership Scholars from the freshman class! I have have a profound interest in all things entertainment with a particular interest in daytime television. Since a child I have filled my days with every daytime talkshow from "Ellen" to "Oprah" and "The View" to "The Talk". I find the unpredictability of live television and the ability of daytime talk shows to push the envelope and shed light on unique and interesting topics to be most appealing. While my ultimate goal in life is to be the next Oprah I am looking forward to having a career in the realm of day time talk TV! 

On this e-portfolio you will get a chance to explore all of my involvement at Ithaca College and beyond. You will find my leadership experience, career development, club involvement and much more! Feel free to look around, get to know me and take a peek at my resume!

You can even send me a tweet at the twitter handle "alexcammy"!


Alexander Cammy