Ally Cunningham

            My name is Ally Cunningham. I am a sophomore Cinema/Photography major at Ithaca College in New York. I came to Ithaca College from a small area in Florida in order to study film. I have a great passion for the arts and I enjoy every moment I spend studying cinema. I've learned so much already even after such a short time in school and I am eager to pursue my future goals of working in the entertainment industry. My goal is to one day become a successful fiction filmmaker, though I am currently exploring different aspects in the world of film. 

I have had great opportunities to work in and experience many different professional environments. I’ve worked as a summer intern for a corporate film company in a Manhattan office but also worked on a sailboat with a professional film crew to shoot an independent documentary. Also, this coming summer 2011, I will be interning at a documentary production company, "Engel Entertainment". My application was chosen over many others, and I am so eager to start my learning experiences there.

I am fortunate enough to not only to have learned from my cinema professors but to also work closely with them as a teacher’s assistant and projectionist. In a summer exchange program with Hanyang Univeristy in South Korea, I worked very closely with a particularly inspirational professor of mine in a documentary workshop. Studying filmmaking in a completely new environment proved challenging, especially working in a group of students with an extreme language barrier.  However, overcoming those challenges in order to produce a film was extremely rewarding. It showed me a lot about the teamwork that is necessary in order to make a movie and allowed me to observe the methods and perspectives of other cultures on film making technique.  Exploring a completely foreign country and people with a camera was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

I believe that my enthusiasm to learn about all aspects of film and my readiness to work in a professional environment will aid my throughout the rest of my life. I look forward to learning as much as possible at Ithaca College and one day reaching my goal of being an established film maker.


The following is a link to my vimeo account where some of my films can be viewed:


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