Thanasis Dalianas

I was born and raised in historic Thessaloniki, the ancient capital of Macedonia, an illustrious Greek metropolis dating to the period of legendary Alexander the Great after whose sister it was named. I had the benefit of an excellent early education as my parents, who are firm believers in the value of a sound liberal education, spared no effort or expense despite their limited financial resources to send me to the finest schools in Thessaloniki.  I received my B.S. degree from the School of Physical Education of the Aristotelian University in historic Thessaloniki, Greece.  As soon as I entered the School of Physical Education, I applied myself to the task of pursuing my academic studies with tireless diligence avidly absorbing all pertinent knowledge. Despite my painstaking pursuit of my academic tasks which seriously impinged on my leisure time, I, nevertheless, made time to get involved in a number of national and international congresses, seminars and workshops on Sports Management as my School’s representative contributing pertinent papers. I have chosen to concentrate as a graduate student on Physical Education primarily because I believe that I have acquired a sound undergraduate background in this field thus far, a training based on a very demanding University curriculum offered at the Aristotelian University. Now as regards my academic and career aspirations, I may mention that I am keenly interested in obtaining an academic career at a Greek University. Should I fail to realize this high goal, I would then endeavor to obtain a suitable post with a leading Greek or foreign firm organizing major athletic or cultural events aimed at both athletes and tourism alike. Should I be able to realize either of the aforesaid objectives, I would then aspire to use my American graduate training to contribute - to the degree possible – to my country’s further development in the rapidly expanding field of Physical Education in a nation which has glorified and worshipped not only the mind but also the human body since classical times (A sound mind in a sound body).