Welcome to my page! I am a Freshman in the Roy H. Park School of Communications and am planning to graduate May, 2015 with an Integrated Marketing Communications degree. I was born in Alabama, but grew up in the metro area of Maryland. I have many passions in the field of communications, which is why I know this is the right field for me and am excited to see where I end up. I have a love for music, organization, planning, community service and working with people. I am also passionate about Judaism and Israel. I took a year off, after high school and before college, to study and volunteer in Israel. When I am not in school, I like to find new music and watch psychology documentaries and TV shows. 

New technology is constantly coming out, which enables everything to be done at a faster pace. This means that people in the communications field, especially, need to consistently be updated with the technology so we can keep up with our audience and clients. People in the field need to be adaptable to the changing environment. Because of the changing environment, jobs are also changing. Therefore, you cannot be selective. If you are presented with an opportunity, you should take it and move forward from there, but being selective can be detrimental to your career. By taking one unexpected opportunity, it can lead to another unexpected opportunity and although you might not end up exactly where you planned, it can be a just as good or a better alternative. Advertising is crucial to the media industry. Without advertisements, there may be little to no income and no one will know about the new product or the new film coming out. Most importantly, getting where you want comes with hard work, but having connections can also be helpful. For example, if you had an internship or a job, you should keep in touch with your boss. The internship or job may not be exactly where you plan to direct your career, but you never know when you will need a hand down the road.