Hello! My name is Alexandra Haase and I am a television/radio major with a concentration in scriptwriting and a minor in the Ithaca College Honors Program.  I have been fascinated with the media and the television industry ever since I was a young girl. During high school I took several production courses and was even a crew member of the school’s morning announcements; I had the opportunity to experience the positions of producer, technical director, anchor, cameraman, and teleprompter programmer as well as film and edit short PSAs and documentaries. Often, I entered my videos in certain contests and have been finalists in each of these competitions. Among other prizes, I was awarded third place with 500 dollars in an international competition! Though skillful with the editing software, I attribute my success to my creative and clever ideas. In addition, throughout my academic career I have always enjoyed writing and editing papers. Someday I hope to write for a sitcom, combining my lifelong passion with my academic strengths.

            Even though the basic rules of writing have remained constant, the field of communications is always evolving. To acquire a job in this social field, it is not only necessary to be a competent writer, but also an expert in all media trends and technology. Since this industry is based off of advertising and audience fragmentation, it is important to note the influence of social networking in the offline world; according Nielsen’s Social Media Report, active adult social networkers are 45 percent more likely go on a date, 33 percent more likely to give their opinion on TV programs, 75 percent more likely to be heavy spenders on music, 26 percent more likely to give their opinion on politics and current events, and 18 percent more likely to work out at a gym or fitness center. In addition, of the social networkers, 53 percent “follow” a brand and 32 percent “follow” a celebrity. Clearly, just by connecting to a social media site, researchers can gain a great deal of information that will help them target a particular audience. I am determined to experience all of the upcoming media movements and inventions, broadening my overall understanding of the social world.

            The communications industry has become increasingly globalized. Social networking is not just popular in the United States; these sites are the most commonly visited pages all around the world, including places like Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Spain Switzerland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Television programs like The Office and American Idol have multiple versions adapted to different cultures, proving the potential influence that a single idea can have on the world. Considering the globalization of the industry, I plan on either double majoring or minoring in Spanish. I hope to someday be bilingual so that I can gain a multicultural perspective and expand my repertoire as a writer and producer.

           The Park school offers numerous opportunities for me to get involved in the field of communications. Next semester, I hope to join ICTV and be a member of the writing crew for one of the programs. Furthermore, I am interested in writing for The Ithacan, the school newspaper at Ithaca College. Because I am interested in writing and fortunate enough to be a part of such a strong communications program, I hope to be able to take journalism classes, further developing my knowledge on the industry. Finally, I am excited to participate in the Los Angeles study abroad program and to connect with past Ithaca alumni. 

            I understand that the communications field is competitive and complicated. Many individuals begin their careers by carving out their own jobs, a trend that requires much patience and originality. A hopeful writer submitting her work to a producer is bound for rejection and criticism; however, I am determined to use my knowledge of the media and creative talent to do what it takes to be successful in this industry.