The ePortfolio of Amanda Hutchinson

Welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Amanda Hutchinson, and I am a junior journalism major with minors in biology, Spanish, and soon to be Deaf studies. Should all go well, I hope to graduate from Ithaca College in 2015 with a solid background in journalism, the sciences and as many languages as I can manage while I'm here.

I chose journalism because it combines a lot of fields that I like. I've been writing in some capacity for as long as I can remember, and journalism allows me to have structured content (from a variety of sources) with the leeway of being able to develop my own style to express that content. I also like how user-friendly journalism is; everyone can own a blog, and while the content might get a little chaotic at times, it's important to let the audience know that they are also important in the production process. Through my time here at IC, I plan to work not only on my writing but also on my verbal, visual and multimedia skills to prepare me for whatever pitch life throws at me.

As globalization increases, so will opportunities to take my abilities abroad, and I hope to work and build connections with others through my work on an international level. Especially now, the field of communications is so dynamic, and while the job market might not look so great, there are so many options within the field that it's virtually impossible not to find a niche. Ideally, I would like to pursue science journalism in order to combine two of my passions as well as to show the world all the cool things that are going on in the world of science.