Allie Kenyon

Hello, my name is Alexandra Kenyon, but most people call me Allie, and I come from Rochester, NY as a Television-Radio major. Although, I don't have that much experience from my high school, looking into how communications will shape our world and how there are countless opportunities available for anyone who is interested has sparked my interest. I basically grew up in front of a television. This was not a result of my parent's upbringing, as much as they tried they just couldn't keep me away from it. Throughout the past 18 years, I have watched countless hours of television that most of it jumbles together. My passion is to someday have created my own T.V. show and to let someone else have the same passion for T.V. as I do. Currently, if there is any celebrity or T.V. show that you want to know a fact about, you can just come to me and I will manage to somehow tell you. I hope to continue with this passion for a very long time.

Communication is rapidly changing in this world. You can see how social media has affected every little thing that you come across. The way that a person usually finds out a story is from Twitter because someone rapidly tweets about it. This is what our world is now. It is hard to imagine a world now without Facebook and twitter and this has shaped how everyone looks at the entertainment industry today. It may seem like it is not an issue now but slowly social media is consuming the lives of everyone involved in it. However, it doesn't seem like it will  be going away anytime soon.  Globalization is also very important in today's society. There isn't one form of communication that hasn't been spread throughout the world and has shaped certain countries and how they operate. Globalization can also be very dangerous when it comes to marketing images that are sent to unexacting countries. A way to look at this dilemma is to monitor a little closer the messages that are being transferred between the United States and other countries and even the messages that are being sent into the United States. Commercialization is also becoming a big issue when it comes to media in today's society. The majority of media websites today offer a free service and then say well if you want these features then you will have to pay this much. Nothing is really free at all today, and this shapes our society. I think a way to fix these issues is to allow for more free websites to be available and allow for people to be able to have access to features so that they don't have to pay for them. It seems like it wouldn't give profit to other companies but if they had enough traffic with ads then you would be generating more revenue than if you were having about half of the customers pay. Marketing has also played a high role in how people see products today, with the internet and social media playing a huge role. 10 years ago, marketing would not be where it was today if it weren't for the internet and how it has come to dominate the lives of every single person involved with it. A strong example comes from T.V. shows. Many new shows would not have the strong fan base that they pick up before the show because they advertise on social media websites and on the internet. However, this can also be very dangerous because it could create a negative buzz that wouldn't be right. A change would be to limit enough to get people's attention about the show and generate buzz but not have too much buzz. The last problem would probably be overexposure of celebrities. Social media has made it all too real for celebrities to not have that much privacy. This does not seem fair to people who are just pursuing their passion. The best way to change this would be to limit the amount that people can view online. Communication is good but sometimes can be dangerous also.