A pictuer of me

Hi, my name is Adam Luftig, welcome to my electronic portfolio! I am an IMC or integrated marketing communication major, and I will be graduating in spring of 2015.

In the four weeks that I have spent attending S'park at Park School Of Communications, I have learned 5 very interesting pieces of information. I learned is that if you are going to be spending many hours a day on something, it is important that you love whatever it is you are doing. I have discovered while watching a 30 minute television program, you get 22 minutes of content, and 8 minutes of commercial advertisements. Employing women as producers, directors, writers, and other professions will decrease the difference in pay between men and women working in the media industry. Internships pay with a salary of real life work experience that in some cases is much more valuable than money because it could potentially create a lifelong business relationships. Last but certainly not least, I stayed in the Park auditorium after S'park was over for the week to ask a question, and I learned that even Bill D'Elia, a prestigious producer, writer, and director, lives with regrets based on past decisions in his career. Everyone is a human being, no matter how much success or failure, and no one is perfect.

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