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Welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Angela Mammino. I am Freshman double major in Journalism and Sport Studies here at Ithaca College.

Upon entering my Freshman year here at Ithaca College, I was sure I had the best knowledge of what I wanted to do as a career. I had always had my mind set on one career opportunity. However, during my enrollment in s'Park: Igniting Your Future-- a communications course requirement for every student in the Park School Of Communications, I came to recognize that the future of Communication is changing both vastly and rapidly. News stories, Political Affairs, and information are less likely to appear in printed newspapers. We tend to find ourselves more occupied with cellphones, iPods, laptops, and other varieties of electronic devices rather than the printing press. Some find it more efficient and effective to tune in to social media platforms, online site, and messaging polls than a printed news paper because the information travels faster through technology. The moment something happens, the sustained information is all over the web, therefore it is not time consuming. Technology shapes how consumers take things in. Advertisements influence consumers. There are about 700 industry analyst in the world. With online news traveling at high speed, becoming subscription based, and profitable, there are thousands of jobs being created in the market to sell content. All communications through media has changed the spreading and communicating of knowledge. The meaning of Jounalism is changing. Journalism is captured in different aspects now, for example, you could be anywhere and capture a photo of something important and post it on a social network.

Communication has become popular world wide, I strive to learn and become the best sports casters in my future course and internship opportunities. I want to succeed and live my dreams of becoming a great sport writer. I don't stop, I don't give up nor do I compromise. My self motivation keeps me on top and I will not step down.

Many opportunities have arisen in the market due to the advancement of social media and the emergence of all the new and uprising technology. Sport casting is my passion, however, in order to become great in that field, I need all the writing utensils offered in Journalism. This is my passion, and I'm not stopping until I get out my dreams.