Ana Morone

My name is Ana Morone.  I am from a small rural town called Liberty, Pennsylvania. I am currently studying Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College, and expect to graduate in the Spring of 2015.  My main passion is creating images (still and moving) that tell a story. Though the process behind creating these images is often difficult and stressful, I enjoy all aspects of it and the difficulty only makes me more passionate. I hope to one day be successful in this field as a cinematographer or director.  


The media industry today is changing at an extremely rapid pace and has been changing drastically, for better and for worse.  While when I first began my career as a film student I had a narrow view of what careers I thought I could pursue, since starting the SPark: Igniting Your Future in Communications course my eyes have been opened to the myriad of possibilities that await me.  I have learned that I must be open to all kinds of work in the media industry and make use of any and every opportunity given to me.  In order to survive in todays media industry, you must be innovative and willing to take risks, and you must produce programs and products that are creative and unique. sPark has also taught me that there is more than just a creative aspect of communications.  In order to be successful you must understand both the artistic and business sides of this field. The most inspiring part of the sPark class is most definitely the speakers and alum that were brought in to present to us.  The simple fact that these people, some of whom sat in the same classrooms that we do today, started at the same place as I am now and made something of themselves, is amazing.  They have inspired me to do the same.  I plan to use my next four years at the Park School of Communications as the base for my success.  I believe that after graduating from this school, I will possess the skills I need to become successful and innovative in the field of communications, and to one day make an impact on the media industry.