Amelia Reynolds


My name is Amelia Reynolds and I am a Sophomore transfer student at Ithaca College. I am currently majoring in Journalism and minoring in Theater. My mother is a professional portrait painter and my father worked in his fathers’ radio station for twenty years; needless to say, I was raised in a household passionate about artistic expression. A passionate writer since grade school, I selected Journalism based on my love for communication in the arts. Hungry for a large spectrum of experiences I inserted myself heavily into the theater department in high school, co-hosted a radio show my freshman year at Skidmore College, and climbed my way to editor of my high school's literary magazine, Prism. Attending a Quaker high school for nine years instilled a sensitivity for stewardship, so I find joy in activism and philanthropy (some examples found in my resume). Accepted into the Philip's Exeter's School Year Abroad Program in Viterbo, Italy my junior year broadened my horizons to the meaning of truth and experience. The cultural differences and prevalence of opinion sparked in me a need for continuous knowledge from a variety of perspectives. I want nothing more than to travel the world, taste the foods, see the arts, then record, inspire others to experience the same joy.

Though my literary experience has been primarily in writing, my courses in journalism as well as the first-year seminar S’Park: Ignite Your Future in Communications has trained me to perceive the everyday with an objective eye. The S’Park class’ extensive exploration of the ever-changing world of communications (on the heir of technology and mass-media) has both informed about the struggles of the trained journalist (with the thrive of citizen journalist so prevalent in the Facebook-age), and reassured the importance of multi-faceted resourcefulness. We were trained to know how to inform using Twitter, mobile phones, blog posts, etc., with the added credibility of accuracy, eloquence, and precision that a large portion of the virtual community do not have. In a world of instant-gratification, I plan to write with meticulousness, but with color and care.

My experience with theater and the arts has given me the sensitivity to language and fearlessness that make me both adaptable and resourceful. The challenges of today's job market requiring expertise in a wide range of technology will give those majoring in computers and those who are in general more tech-savvy a leg up, but I'm a fast learner and very willing to take on assignments of any field that are required of me. Sound advice that has resonated with me from the S’Park class were those of distinguishing yourself and making personal connections. As an educated female journalist amongst a number of others I plan to take advantage of Ithaca College’s study abroad and internship programs. As my travels in Italy have become a distant memory, I plan to pick the language back up and ideally acquire fluency, though I do not plan on limiting my travels in college and beyond to the country I am familiar with. I would love to pursue either the fiction-writing aspect of journalism, or become a feature writer. Becoming a well-versed journalist with a respected eye for the arts is my ultimate goal here at Ithaca College.