Hi! I'm Adriaan Schiltkamp. I'm a Television/Radio Major and ever since I got to Ithaca College I've had the ambition to be affluent but have yet to think of the idea to get me there. I want to strive to be a household name like the other greats such as Steve Jobs or Will Ferrell. I understand that I have the famous cliché dream of being famous but for me it will be just my profession. I have always believed that being a kingpin of business necessitates a keen eye when faced a convoluted decision. In the creation of Pixar, the creators were living on the edge of bankruptcy for five years until a generous $55 million investment by Steve Jobs allowed them to continue their work long enough to master their product. In that situation, there is no room for error and one bad decision could cost them a fantastic idea and a lot of time and money spent. There are often times when the road to prosperity is foggy and the correct decision is difficult to come by. Those decisions could either make or break a dream, or business; unfortunately most of those dreams break. By Skyping with people like Bob Iger and David Muir, I hope to acquire an insight to how they faced decisions and conquered the decisions that backfired. Another sense that successful people need to incorporate into their senses is timing. Similar to decision making, timing requires the perception to make that crucial decision. I draw my theory my families own experience. My dad, looking to sell his business, was offered a generous sum but decided to dismiss the offer and wait. Five years later, a different company offered to buy my dad’s company for double the amount of the previous offer. In this circumstance, my dad foresaw his companies success and with a little bit of luck, timed the sale to satisfy his expectations. If the timing is off, it is likely that it will lead to a bad decision and in some situations, cost a career, money, and/or time. Again, the most successful businessmen must have precise vision of the when is the right time to make that pivotal decision. To do this, I need to learn from the greats, write down crucial information that every interviewer tells us to make something of the world.