This is me on Thanksgiving

My name is Ariam Solomon and I am currently a junior at Ithaca College. I am a Television-Radio major with a concentration in media production and a minor in Women Studies and could not be happier with what I am studying.

  Growing up, I have always been fascinated with television, news and media in general. I have always been exposed to media and news in all of its forms, and living very close to Washington D.C only makes it more accessible.  Because I grew up watching all different types of T.V programs, my interest for television broadcasting was undying, and inspired me to want to pursue a career in television and media production.

         My enrollment at Ithaca College continues to reaffirm that this dream is one I can’t let go of. My experience at IC has taught me so much about different avenues of media, which has made me more engaged and updated on how to receive and distribute information to others more efficiently.

During my time at Ithaca College, I have continued to gain practice in studio work as well as on air-talent. The courses I have taken here have granted me access to work in studios as well as on the field. I have taken courses such as Media Writing, Program Development for Entertainment Media, Television Production, Producing and Directing,New Telecommunications Technologies, and Field Production. I have also worked on Ithaca College Television (ICTV) as both a production assistant and as on air talent. In the 2011-2012 academic year , I worked  as a production assistant  on the show, Entertainment 16, and in the 2012-2013 academic year, I moved up to  work on the same show as an on-air talent, and in my current academic year, I have moved up to become the co-host of the entire show. This path of moving up in positions has allowed the opportunity to learn and be comfortable with studio equipment, as well as perfecting my writing and my delivery skills.

       Interning at WTTG Fox 5 News last summer was also an experience that helped me explore elements of television in the real world. This was an amazing learning experience because I was granted the opportunity to get a glimpse of the inner workings of this industry.   This experience helped mold me into a stronger writer, presenter of news, as well as more comfortable using different forms of media and digital technologies,

       My close relationship with different forms of social media has also prepared me to pursue a career in media. I feel as though my use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media has allowed me to become more innovative in the ways I consume news, as well as spread it. My experience with the website has only complimented these skills. Because the website is designed to help small business gain exposure, by writing, shooting, editing endorsement videos, as well as vlogging and making reviews, it serves as beneficial practice for me to provide information through other social media outlet.