Posing in The Commons (Ithaca, NY)




Please feel free to read through my e-portfolio. Throughout my portfolio you will find my many accomplishments during my educational experience at Ithaca College. There are examples of projects, papers and my resumé.


Back in May 2012, I transferred from High Point University to the wonderful college of Ithaca. I chose Ithaca because it's business school is well established and one of the best. Teachers are helpful, classes are well designed and I feel as though I am now on the right track toward a reputable degree in Business. 


I am a student in the Park School of Business at Ithaca College. I am studying to receive my bachelors of business administration with a concentration in Finance. I hope to one day pursue a career in the financial world. Specifically, I am interested in becoming a Financial Planner. I also developed an interest in the health field and so I have taken a few classes specific to the Health Education Majors. As I approach my goal of one day being a financial planner, you can track my progress through my personal web page.


Within my e-portfolio you will be able to locate and analyze various professional standards along with my resume and other important documents pertaining to my progression to being a successful business employee one day.