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"Allie" Taylor

I am a proud graduate of Ithaca College and the Roy H. Park School of Communications from Fostoria, Ohio. I graduated with a degree in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production.   In addition to my major studies, I minored in Integrated Marketing Communications and Art History, with a special interest in architecture.  After spending a semester in the Los Angeles Pendleton Center with an internship at Marc Platt Productions, I have decided that Los Angeles is where I want to be.  My knowledge of film and public relations and marketing came together during my senior thesis project where I served as Producer, Assistant Director, and Marketing Director on a 10-minute film, "Jemila's Tale."  

Within film-making, I have a special interest in story development and in the overall production process as a whole.  I find the industry itself fascinating and complex.  Film-making, for me, is a truly collaborative medium.  It is to the collaborative effort that I am drawn, and it is to the promise of touching audiences with story that keeps me passionate.    

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