My name is Amber Thibault; I am a Cinema and Photography major with a minor in the Honors Program at Ithaca College. My expected graduation date is Spring 2015. I came to Ithaca College and Roy H. Park: School of Communications looking for a place to expand my knowledge of the cinema industry and further my experience in production. I enjoy the elements of production and plan to someday be a director/producer,  working on location on a movie set.


However, I never realized how many different jobs I could acquire as a Cinema and Photography major.  Media is becoming a bigger and more important part of our society. Nearly everything people do nowadays bring them in contact with some form of media throughout the course of a day and there are a lot of businesses in need of video and, in turn, people with video experience. 


People who can learn to utilize the media to their advantage are the ones who are going to be successful. It's a free and convenient way to get your self out there. Twitter is an invaluable resource to let professionals know what you are up to. It also lets people know what you are interested in and (when used correctly) shows potential employers your professionally (my Twitter username is AmberThibault1). With similar networking appeal, YouTube is a tool to showcase your work to mass audiences and is especially useful for an aspiring filmmaker.


When my class got the opportunity to Skype with the Executive VP at Harpo Studios, Harriet Seitler, I was ecstatic to be talking to somebody in such a high ranking position. She told us about her journey and how she was able to acquire such a prestigious position. Part of this journey included knowing when to let go of a previous job. In order to make it to my dream job, small jobs along the way are going to be necessary. Her words still ring in my ears, "The best time to leave [a job] is when you think you're not growing anymore." I believe this is important advice for anybody, no matter what career path they are pursuing, but I will use it to achieve my dream job. Like my father always says, "Change is good."


That being said, we also Skyped with Elspeth "Ellie" Rountree. I was particularly interested in her because she graduated with a same major I am currently working on. I was inspired to hear what she is currently doing, consulting, which she defined as "a set of skills that people hire you (full or part time) to teach them." This inspired me because she doesn't just have one company that she works for everyday, nine to five. She has the freedom to work for multiple companies and set her own work hours. I admire the flexibility of her career choice.