Amy Thomas

I'm Amy Thomas and I will be graduating from Ithaca College in 2015 with a degree in Communication Management and Design with a Corporate Communications concentration and an Integrated Marketing Communication minor.

The field of Communications is vast, but also very adaptive to the ongoing changes taking place in our society today. Having a degree in Communications, I feel, will allow for many different and interesting career opportunities in the future. Regardless of the changes that take place in society, communication-based jobs will always be necessary and extremely vital to a constantly advancing society, such as our own. New jobs and opportunities will come along as well as a result of the changes in technologies and the ways of life of people in the future. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology, which is important to keep in mind when searching for a career because new skills will be needed in order to work with such things. The rapid advancement taking place is very intriguing to me, and I would enjoy becoming involved with emerging trends and innovative ideas.

After graduating from IC, I wish to work in either advertising or event management. I know in order to have a career like this I must acquire firsthand knowledge before entering the workplace. I plan on studying at the either the Los Angeles campus or the London campus so I can become more familiar about the skills I will have to use for my career in the future through one of the numerous internships offered there. I feel that both campuses have a lot to offer, but in different ways. Because Los Angeles is a place where communications and media is incredibly abundant, I would gain a great deal of experience studying there. London would be quite different, but if I were to study there I would be able to learn about the differences in the culture and communications of another country. Globalization is a key factor in communications and studying in London  better inform me on how to appeal to other countries and reaching an extended, international audience. To be successful in the communication field, it is also quite important to establish as many connections as possible and to take every opportunity that is given to you. The multiple connections that IC has developed over the years played a large role in my decision to attend college here. Hopefully involving myself with these connections will direct me toward me a steady career.

I believe that working in the advertising would be a very significant field to work in because of how prominent it is in the lives of everyone, although people may not even realize it. Everyday, we are influenced by the images we see and the things we hear. A successful business or company needs to captivate the minds of consumers and stimulate their interests in order for them to sell a product. Advertising is a key component in doing just this. Advertisements are incredibly abundant and adapt with upcoming and advanced media outlets. Social media sites, for example, are very crucial to the advertising industry, and have become a preferred way to attain information and express a message. Twitter and Facebook, for example, are both popular resources used for advertising. Not only does Facebook offer ad-space on the site for businesses to use, but businesses are also able to promote themselves with their own account for the company. More and more methods are being used for not only for advertising, but also to attain knowledge about the news and the lives of others. Social media sites prove as a useful resources for both personal and business life.