picture of me



            Hello my name is Andrew Waas, and I am a Cinema and Photography BFA major in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. Film and communications in general is my life, from a very early age I have always wanted to entertain people, be it by telling jokes, stories or my favorite, by making films. I came to Ithaca College to hone my skills and start on the path that will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

            My philosophy when it comes to filmmaking is to learn by doing, I am the type of person who needs to be more hands on when it comes to filmmaking. With rather dense textbooks that cover every facet of filmmaking I find that once the camera is in my hand, and after a few minutes of looking over the camera I have a better sense of how the camera works then just from reading about it.

            Some of my skills include me being able to learn essentially on the fly with equipment, my sharp wit and intelligence that allows me to be able to brain storm ideas, either by myself or with others. I am also a very hard worker that will give all that I can give while working on any type of project.

            Throughout my high school career I have had several experiences related to the field of communications. I often wrote for the school newspaper doing top ten lists of films related to the month we were distributing it. I was the official photographer for several sports teams, yearbook, drama club, and for my senior class and all school activities. I also produced compilation videos for the various clubs I photographed for, producing advertisements for our schools morning announcements, as well as a full time anchor on it.

            During my course at Ithaca College I would like to see myself working on a few shows on ICTV, and ultimately producing a show or two of my own. I would also like to see myself being heavily involved with several clubs and working on one of the two radio stations as well. After college I would like to have a job working in the industry either in New York or Los Angeles, on the path to becoming a professional filmmaker.

            One of the most interesting aspects about the communications industry is that it is every changing field. A few of the changing trends is that the over whelming shift from people watching TV, and reading print for their entertainment and news to shifting towards the Internet. Another factor is that the news itself is undergoing major change, in the last 30 years going from nightly, to 24 hour broadcast, to news updates from social media minute by minute. On the topic of social networking, we are becoming the most connected generation of all time; being able to share and create information, music, ideas, and much more with people all around the planet.

            Also, with 24-hour news coverage, and up to the minute coverage we have more information at our hands and can (try) and make more educated decisions and be more informed about the world around us. Finally is for the fact that only a handful of powerful corporations control everything we hear, see, learn and perceive. Powerful agendas could easily be pushed onto the unsuspecting minds just tuning into the evening news.