I'm Andrew Weir, a TV-R major at Ithaca College. As a freshman, i've already been involved with a number of projects, including a tv show, a feature film, and a handful of short films. I have a deep-rooted knowledge of the fact that in the industry, or as any sort of artist, one must never stop moving forward, just the keep up with the times. Not only is technology changing, but also the trends in styles and motifs and the only way to stay on top of the elusive style bubble, is to stay involved, and I'm doing my best to do just that. Through the sPark course at Ithaca College, I learned how to stay motivated through tough projects, that the best way to change things is to get a little weird sometimes, how to deal with problems while keep a project moving forward, and that social media is changing the face of everything we know as entertainment, all of which are very useful quips of knowledge that keep me up-to-date, and prevent me from becoming stagnant. 

In the past, I've directed a few short promotional videos for a charity Haunted House that I volunteer for, which i also run the make-up department on, worked along side Hollywood special effects artist Paul Molnar on a creative team for a camp for inner city children, and was one of the main producers of my High School's TV station. But what I've done is not what's important it's what I can do, and the one thing I'm best at is learning. I can pick up a new skill set very quickly, and am dedicated enough to practice and continue learning enough to be, at the very least, up to standards with it in very little time. This allows me to be versatile, and again, progressive, which is exactly what will keep me alive in this industry of uncertainties.