Allison Zdunczyk

          I am a freshman Documentary Studies and Production Major at Ithaca College. I believe documentaries are a great way to get important news out to people who want to listen. My goal would be to create an organization not unlike invisible children, an organization where documentaries are used as a means to help people who cannot ask for it themselves otherwise. I would like dual-minor in Politics as well as Integrated Marketing and Communications.

         As far as my talents go, I feel that I am able to listen well to others and incorporate many different ideas into one common goal. In addition, I am a very energetic and outgoing person which I feel services me in several different ways. In the future I plan to use my time at Ithaca College to advance my skill set and find time to do something that makes a difference in the community. 

       The way information is received is constantly changing. Ten years ago Facebook did not even exist, now we rely on it daily and spend hours upon hours on it. As we are in the digital generation we must be able to stay ahead of the curve. Finding what you can do in the communication field can be difficult but there are endless avenues to go down. I am interested in many different aspects of communications and plan to explore them all until I have found what I enjoy doing and can make a difference in.