Testing contact lenses for my new role as J. Edgar Hoover

Ever since I saw "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" as a little kid I decided movies were the world I wanted to live in. Every aspect within film production, from stunts to editing, from acting to special effects, have been something I learned and worked with, receiving special advices from discussions, featurettes and even historical production research.


Ithaca College opened the doors to a world of passionate and talented students, who loved cinema as much as I did. This collaboration and limitless opportunities allowed me to star in ICTV shows, share my secrets and learn some from others. Even through courses and classes (no matter the dimension), I learned the importance of mass media, the use of different type of media communications and their effect not only on the audiences but as me as well.


We are in fact deeply influenced by advertisement campaigns, that through thousands of channels (TV, Internet, Billboards, etc.) reach targeted audiences around the world, with designs can differ from country to country. In my case, the study and passion I have for movie trailers has allowed me to link film and editing style with their impact on different types of movie lovers.


Experience and hands-on activities will make the difference, since a specific passion or goal will help you follow a more strict and concentrated path, easy to follow. Some events and encounters have/will teach me the most. Meeting actors, working on movie sets can be the best experience you can learn from. Even starting as a PA, no matter what your goal is, is a great start! Because another big lesson is that loyalty and humility is valuable.


Hollywood was and still is the house of the typical American commercial type of cinema. Despite the importance of Bollywood and the influence of European cinema, it's still is in Los Angeles where most Hollywood studios have their headquarters, and where multi-billion dollar productions are planned and created every year. Worldwide audiences still remain the main source of profit, and marketing campaigns are created and designed in different styles for them. But when it comes to true blockbusters, there is no other places better than New York and Los Angeles.


Finally, I truly admired how most IC Alumni have succeeded in their discipline's, proving that talent and dedication can make most of the work. This is in fact how intend continuing my studies at the Park School, listening advices from my fellow companions and advisors.