Blaise Bookis: Class of 2016

Blaise C. Bookis

Welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Blaise Bookis. I am a Television-Radio major (Concentration in Media Production) from Acton, Massachusetts (which is right next to Concord and Lexington which you should have learned about when you studied the Revolutionary War in US History) and I will be graduating in the Spring of 2016!!!

Ever since I was a child, I was always more interested in the production of the film, rather than the plot of the movie. I remember asking my parents, “How were they able to make this movie?” and “Why did the director choose to portray the characters with that distinguishable genre of music?” I guess it was clear, at an early age, that I had an interest in television production. During my sophomore year in high school, when I was injured during the second year of JV soccer and Track & Field, I discovered that our school’s curriculum included courses that focused on video and film production. After attending these classes, I realized that television-radio was the field in which I sought to pursue in college and in the future. Over the next four years, here at Ithaca College, I want to actively participate in many ICTV productions and the WICB Radio Station. During my junior year, here at IC, I aspire to study abroad and secure an internship with a sports television production company or a news production company. Not only do I enjoy television/audio production and participating in sports, I have always had a passion for percussion. During the beginning of my junior year in high school, some friends and I created local student band named, Third World Thunder. Over the course of the next two years to follow, we played at multiple venues in the greater Boston area and recorded an album titled, Bright Flood, during the summer following our senior year. As high school graduates and incoming college freshman, adapting to the new environment of college, we wanted to document our band’s success as a memento of our experience. Ithaca has a great musical scene and I hope that over the next few years, I can involve myself in the live culture of music at Ithaca College.

The importance of education and academics has been a key principle in my parents’ household since the commencement of my elementary career. As a child of two educators, I learned that solely studying class lectures and textbook definitions was not good enough. The process of application ultimately sparks the neurons within an active brain and allows the individual to access higher levels of thinking. As I made my transition from high school to college, the strength of an institution’s ability to highlight the importance of liberal arts became one of the most prominent deciding factors. Over the next 4 years, as I continue my career at Ithaca College, I hope to learn how to apply my liberal arts education to my experience in video production. A famous speaker once said that, “It is not what you communicate, but how it is communicated to the audience,” and with that statement, I emphatically concur. Anyone can learn to utilize a camera to exhibit information, but it is the knowledge and expertise of the director that determines how the importance of that story is conveyed and how those individuals can interpret vital information displayed within a story. I believe that, with a strong liberal arts background, an individual can strive further in video production to create media to which others can connect.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me. Other than that, thanks for visiting my e-portfolio!!!

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