Focusing a RED Camera on a STARZ Movie Channel shoot.

Congratulations on finding my ePortfolio! I’m a junior Cinema Production major, and am projected to graduate summer 2013.


I hope to one day become a Director of Photography for feature films. I enjoy any and all things film, especially classic Noir films and German Expressionist films. However, my favorite filmmaker by far is Wes Anderson, as he creates a unique universe that each of his films take place in, and his attention to detail is unparalleled not to mention the wit and charm of his films.


I’m an analog junkie, and if given the choice, will always shoot on real, true film over digital. Film is future-proof, tactile, and is much more difficult, and therefore rewarding to work with.


I have a strong affinity for music, I’m a violinist of 16 years and was at one time the youngest member of my hometown’s adolescent symphony orchestra. I also play piano, guitar, bass, and the ukulele. Going back to my love of analog, I have a large and ever growing record collection of both music past and present.