Senior Picture 12'

Welcome to my E-portfolio! My name is Brandon Frank, a freshman pre-medical major here at Ithaca College. I'm from Waterloo, New York where I attended Waterloo High School. I am the second child of four in my family, my mother raised my siblings and I as a single parent and did a great job! My older brother and I are both in college and my two younger sisters are still in grade school.

 During my senior year in High School I participated in the New Visions Medical Career Program. In this program I spent half of every school day in Fingerlakes Health Hospital and worked alongside real health professionals and learned aspects of the health field via a hands-on basis. This program is what inspired me to be apart of the medical field in my future. My plans of becoming either an Orthopaedic Surgeon or a Cardiologist will take many years of hard work and dedication, but it is what I plan to do.

So far, as a freshman at Ithaca College I am in a a few health related classes, a social science, and a applied science. As a pre-professional major I am keeping my options open as to what specific major I decide to join, while I am still taking the requirements to take the MCAT's to apply for Medical school. I inspire to do very well on my MCAT's and get accepted in Georgetown University Medical School; this is my goal because Georgetown is very competitive and renowned and is in the great area of Washington, D.C which has a lot of history and is an area I wish to familiarize myself with.