Bethany George


I am a sophomore Park Scholar Journalism major at Ithaca College, expecting to graduate in May 2015. Additionally, I am hoping to double minor in honors and economics. I was born and raised in a rural mountain town called Red Lodge, Montana and graduated from Red Lodge High School.

When I was contemplating on which academic program to pursue, the field of communications (with an emphasis on journalism) came to mind. Not only do I have a passion for self-expression, I also have a passion for the principles of journalism. To me, journalism is about truth. I believe that when the truth is published and exposed to the media, the awareness can bring about change, and in result, justice. Therefore, journalism gives writers the power to make a difference in the world. I have been fortunate enough to job shadow a few executives, editors, and anchors at the NBC studios in New York, as well as intern for a local newspaper and a radio station. Currently I am studying abroad in London, with the Ithaca College London Center

On campus I have had experience in the multimedia department for the campus’s weekly newspaper, The Ithacan, as a Studio Production Assistant for ICTV's late night talk show, Leave the Light On, a newscaster for WICB and VIC radio stations, and a contributor for the alternative magazine Buzzsaw.

 As technology continues to develop at a fast rate, so does the way we communicate with each other. The most recent and relevant change in the field of journalism is the rise of the citizen journalist. Individuals around the world now have the tools to bring raw and unedited truths to the masses, through social media venues such as tweets, Facebook statuses, blog posts, video mobile phone footage, etc. In result, I realized that I have to learn how to distinguish myself as an educated female journalist from the common communicator. I plan on taking advantage of the college’s study abroad and internship programs, as well as becoming efficient in a language that will allow me to travel to places I have always wanted to explore.

 Some sound advice that has stuck with me so far is to practice your craft, network and get into the business. I realize that my first job won’t be my dream job, but it is vital to get into the business and meet people. Becoming a well-rounded journalist that is a jack-of-all-trades is one of my goals here at Ithaca College.