Ever since I was young, I always loved to write. I would always keep daily journals and entries about the events that happened that day and how my life was going. I knew that I was born to be a writer. One thing that I also have loved for my entire life was sports. I've always been fascinated with everything about sports: the people, the places, everything. So, I decided to take a Journalism course in my junior year of high school where I thought I would be able to combine both of these interests of mine. Ever since taking this class, I knew that I wanted to be a journalist. This decision led me to major in Journalism at Ithaca College. 

Due to the increasing popularity of citizen journalism, it will be a challenge for me to stand out above all other competition as well as other "journalists." In order to stand out, I must maintain my professionalism in many forms of communication, such as Twitter and Facebook. I must show my employer that I am proficient in all types of journalism. This includes print, web and mobile journalism. 

Since Journalism is a field that has the ability to take one all around the globe, I plan to take an Ithaca College freshman seminar on the Chinese culture, as well as taking an Intermediate Spanish level speaking course to gain proficiency in the language. In order to adapt to the globalization of Journalism, one must become adaptive to several different types of cultures. Journalism is a field that requires talking to people from several different cultures who know many different languages, which is why acquiring proficiency in such cultures and languages is vital to succeeding as a Journalist. 

As current Journalists have told me, the most important characteristic an inspiring Journalist must have is experience. During the sumer before my sophomore year at Ithaca, I plan to intern at the sports section Journal Inquirer, a local newspaper based in Hartford, CT. I plan to assist in research and shadow current employees to gain experience and knowledge that a future Journalist must have in order to succeed in his or her profession. 

I have also recognized that to be a successful Journalist nowadays, you must be successful in several different types of communication, NOT just writing. A successful Journalist is proficient in taking photos and videos, since photography is the most powerful type of media in today's world. In order to be able to do this, I will work for The Ithacan, the newspaper on campus, where I will have to opporutnity to learn the importance and actually practice all of these skills. 

One of the most important tools a successful Journalist must have is the knowledge of networking. Anybody who wants to enter a field in communications must start making connections with professionals whom are already in the field. In order to do this, I will send out all of my current articles and work to local writers and Journalists in order to gain connections. If I were to do this, I would automatically gain an advantage over much of my competition who hope to someday become a successful Journalist. 

I hope to someday acquire mastership in all of the successful tools that professional Journalists have so that I might gain a job working at ESPN as a sports journalist.