Me holding my Video Camera


Hi my name is Brian Kissig and I am currently a Cinema/Photography major at Ithaca College Park School of Communications. I am on track to graduate in the spring of 2016.

 No matter what it is, I have always loved creating my own work. Ever since I was a kid I have been writing stories and drawing pictures, and then just as high school started I found my passion in working with video.  I found that I enjoyed and was talented in all aspects of video production especially editing, producing, and directing. I have a great interest in YouTube and often spend many afternoons or evenings on there. Finally I started my own YouTube channel with a friend to produce our own work. Every time I make a video I try to challenge my self to try new things. I am greatly interested in visual effects and camera techniques and try to learn and incorporate new ones into every video I make. I also was lucky to have a very good high school television program where I was involved extensively on field and studio television productions. Lastly I brought my passion to my karate studio and started producing many videos for them.

 I love having creative control in projects and I love calibrating with others who are as passionate as I am. I hope to be able to edit, direct, and produce extensively in the fields of film and television. Eventually my big dream is to own my video production company and have the creative control to produce and distribute my own work to the world.

 At Ithaca I plan to broaden my studies and learn about all aspects of the communication world and how they work together. I also plan take business courses to help inform me how I can start my own company and make it successful. I am already getting involved with ICTV and I plan to get involved in as much as I can at Park. At the end of my years at Ithaca I hope to have many opportunities awaiting me in the ever-expanding world of communications!

 Take a look around. Check out my videos on my YoutTube Channels. Feel free to contact me!