Hello, I am Brittany C. Raphael, and I am a 2011 graduate of Ithaca College's Department of Recreation and Leisure Services.

In Spring 2008, I ventured into a course called Understanding Disabilities and this changed my life's trajectory.  Within this course, I was given the opportunity to participate in a Swimming Buddy program with a local school devoted to children with special needs - the Franziska Racker Center.  The Center's Early Intervention Program paired me with a three-year-old little girl and I worked with her for 8 weeks. I exposed her to the water for the first time, played various pool games with her and taught her to float.

This was my first Therapeutic Recreation experience.  

Working with a toddler with developmental delays taught me patience and creative ways to engage clients. From this experience, I found confidence and personal satisfaction in my work leading me to focus my studies on Therapeutic Recreation. This prompted me to work in downtown Ithaca at the Beechtree Care Center.

The Beechtree Care Center provided me access to a Geriatrics population. Working with this population allowed me to understand the significance a good rapport with your clients and to develop creative ways to adapt activities to meet the skill level of the client.

Seeing the impact that I have on Beechtree's residents solidified my love for the Therapeutic Recreation profession.

My recreational therapies tend to incorporate my skills as a musician, an artist and a swimmer.