Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Television/Radio major with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications, and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2014.

I am an aspiring television director, and I love all things media. I love media old and new - nothing makes my day better than seeing Ed Ames throw a tomahawk on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and I strive for a "retweet" from a celebrity on Twitter. I'm fascinated with the concept that content I produce can be seen by millions of people.

I recognize that the world is changing - and media is changing faster than any other industry. Ten years ago, publishing unlimited video and audio on the internet was unheard of, and NBC was a profitable company. I've learned through the sPark: Igniting Your Future in Communications class that I've got to be prepared for some changes that haven't even happened yet. My goal throughout the next three years of college and after that is to master as many areas of media as possible so I am a valuable asset in the workplace. (Hopefully, that work place is in an NYC broadcast studio). 

By spending time studying media production AND the business end of things, I am confident I will have the skills to catch whatever opportunity comes at me.


Take a look around this page, watch some of my videos, and eat a cookie. Because everything is better with cookies.