A picture of me

Hello, my name is Craig Babcock and I am a Television-Radio Major at Ithaca College.  I chose this major because I am very enthusiastic about TV production.  I enjoy working on sets and producing/directing films and various other videos.  I have 2 years experience producing and directing in my high school as well as many internships that I have found.  I am now a student at Ithaca College where I am receiving first hand experience on how to work cameras and other equipment as well as learning how to direct and edit from professionals in the field.

With the constant change in technology, it is hard for anybody to keep up with what is the newest and most user friendly devices.  Ithaca College is preparing me for a job that does not yet exist because I might be the one who makes it.  Through the schools various connections and endless opportunities I will learn everything I need to know to be good at a job that doesn't even exist.  Having the capabilities to communicate globally will greatly help the industry in which I want to go in.  Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will help me to communicate better with my audience.  Or even communicate live on TV with my audience by putting an advertisement up on a social TV channel.  However I decide to communicate with the world, one thing will always remain the same, my professionalism.