Hi! My name is Christine Benway and I am currently a sophomore here at Ithaca College. I am majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Legal Studies. I am from the little town of Queensbury, NY yet with dreams of living in a big city one day. I stay active and healthy on the track and field team as well as stay focused on my career in AAF, or the American Advertising Federation. I am also a member of Women in Communications, or WIC, and the marketing and communications chair for IC First Book. I feel that being balanced is a very important key to success. . I also enjoy being a part of Habitat for Humanity because I feel giving back is important. As for my career, I am very interested in the more creative side of Advertising and Marketing. Ever since I was a little girl, everyone always told me that I have the largest imagination. I plan to use that imagination in every work that I do.

I have always had the dream of one day working for a large corporation. I aspire to intern with Disney, Apple, or Google. I am looking forward to studying abroad and intern in Los Angeles next Fall. Aside from LA and local internships in the summers, I would also like to intern in New York City for a semester. Stacey Hamilton once said, "Internships help you decide what you do and don't want to do in your career." I feel that working in different states or possibly even countries, will give me different points of view on advertising since many TV shows, products, or advertising has been adapted to different countries or cultures. The entertainment industry just really interests me and I look forward to working with all types of creative Advertising and Public Relations. I also enjoy photography and I am hoping to incorporate that passion within my career. I find the growth of social media to be very interesting. I feel that this is definitely the direction our world is going, for better or for worse. Social media is imperative in this day and age of advertising; therefore I plan to work closely with it.  "Social media is the new water cooler."

I have recently researched interest-based advertising and I find it very fascinating. With the idea of taking searches and producing ads that are more geared towards an individual's interests raises a lot of controversy. Some believe that this form of advertising is helpful for finding what they need as well as helps a company sell a product. However, others believe that it is an invasion of privacy or even like Big Brother is watching. I am curious to see where this form of advertising goes in the future. I also learned about entrepreneurship, and that no matter who you are or where you stand, anyone can become an entrepreneur in our world today. Lastly, I am very interested about how the future is going to look in terms of technology and media. Will we have mind control to post our statuses on Facebook? The future is in our hands; it is just waiting for us to change it.