Physical Therapy

I have spent over 175 hours volunteering and shadowing Physical Therapy. Below are the places where I spent most of my hours:

  • University of Maryland College Park, August 2009 - June 2010

At the University of Maryland, I volunteered in the rehabilitation department working with various Division 1 student athletes. I began my time by shadowing the head physical therapy. My time shadowing was so enjoyable I volunteered every week gaining valuable experience working in a physical therapy setting. My duties included assisting patients with treatments and exercises in the rehabilitation department, observing the physical therapist work with Varsity Division 1 and professional athletes and organizing patients files.

  • Doctor's Community Hospital, January 2010 - June 2010

Through Doctor's Community Hospital, I volunteered with the rehabilitation department. It is here that learned and gained experience with the business and organization aspects of running a physical therapy office. My responsibilities ranged from helping patients fill out paper work to assisting with patient care.