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Welcome to my e-Portfolio! I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College studying Film, Photography, & Visual Arts. My passions include photography, mixed media collage, and film. Whether it be to tell a story, capture a moment, explore a metaphor, make a statement, or illustrate a concept, my work, as does any artist's, always comes from inspiration. This inspiration comes from anything and everything I see, hear, encounter, write or read. My education thus far at Ithaca College has helped me to better form expectations for my future in the both the arts and communications industries.

Art and aesthetic value have historically been secondary to utilitarianism and money in our Western culture, and until recently, such preference was warranted. Technology is an enormous part of our culture, having progressed at an incredible rate over the past few decades, and exposing previously unthinkable possibilities. Our generation has grown up accustomed to such a rapidly changing society, allowing a new way of thinking and creating to be developed. While many people condemn modern technology as complicating life and decreasing the value of human interaction, I believe that it provides a new and innovative way of approaching modern problems and solving world issues. As machines have gradually replaced humans in performing tasks, from factory work to handwritten texts, more of our time is free to focus on other aspects of life. Instead of focusing on the functionality of an object, we can now concentrate on its aesthetic appeal. This does decrease jobs in many sectors of the economy, however I believe that this provides us with an opportunity to create beautiful, thoughtful, and detailed work. We can now focus on adding intellectual and creative value to our world instead of focusing on the mass-production of material objects. The new location of production is in the mind rather than the office or factory. Creativity and innovation is the fuel that has and will continue to allow humans to rethink old ways of accomplishing tasks. This provides a shift in our cultural focus from judging an object solely on its use, to considering its aesthetic value and appeal.

It's no secret that our economy is hurting and that it is becoming harder and harder for college graduates to find jobs in their area of study.  News programs report daily on our recessive economy, describing the utter lack of employment and our country's massive debt. While our options are being limited, the opposite is also happening. This new technology has revolutionized the art and communications industries. The advent of social networking alone has created vast new platforms for advertising and business to thrive upon. The field of communications experienced a massive growth spurt within the past few decades and will continue to expand as innovations and improvements are made in technology. The internet has completely revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives through constant interaction, the creation of new consumer markets, and giving everyday people an international platform to voice their opinions and views. Many young talents have gained gradual fame through the internet, by posting videos and photos of themselves or showcasing their art or talents. This fame, however digitally it may present itself, exists outside of the virtual world and often times translates into actual profits. Artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, and comedians have the chance to show the entire world what they can do.As well as providing constant social and informational contact with the world, the internet allows for new consumer trends and patterns to be created. Corporations and organizations can use this information to better advertise themselves to the general public. Ads pop up on virtually every major website ever since this opportunity was realized. This gives advertisers a broader network and coverage than ever before. These advertisements have evolved into interactive campaigns designed to grab attention and immerse the consumer in the product. Such techniques are a direct result of technological improvements. 

The emergence of all of these advancements made to the media industry has given me hope for my future. It keeps us on our feet, having to continue to learn beyond the classroom and well into a career. I am excited to bring my passion for visual art and media to the real world and see what can be done with it. I look forward to creating my own career in the fields of art and communications and presenting it to the world. 

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Ithaca College- BFA Film, Photography, & Visual Arts