Hello! Welcome to my ePortfolio, kick back and enjoy! I am a Communication Management and Design major, hopefully switching Integrated Marketing Communications shortly. I am expecting to graduate in the spring of 2016.

I want to be an art director one day. I've always been attracted to graphic design and the more I learn about the communications field, I realize that one day I want to be in charge of how something like a magazine would look. This also presents a future of editorial design. In the end, I am hoping to be involved in the print process of communicating visual ads. For example, I would love to create billboards and magazine advertisements, either that, or creating brand imaging for companies.

In order to become a successful art director, I definitely need skills in a few different places. I need to be familiar with all different type of media and art. For me to acquire these skills I will have to be familiar with drawing, Photoshop, collage, illustrator, and many more different ways to affectively get a visually persuasive advertisement across. There are classes at Park and outside of Park I am interested in taking. For example, I already know that as a senior capstone course, I want to take Branding because it will get me the best tools/processes to do the best job I can in that profession one day.

I feel like I need to have a few internships and become an expert on Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to become a successful art director. I have spoken with a few individuals who work in the field and they said to be an expert with these products as well as take as much art as possible. This means that after college I may have to pursue Art/portfolio School.