a picture of me

My name is Clinton Butler and I am a TV-R major here at IC and I expect to be graduating in 2015.

Ever since I was in eighth grade I've wanted to be a part of the movie industry. The thought of being able to create a world where people can enjoy just fascinates me and I would love to be a part of that process. I would also love for people to just enjoy the things I make just as much as I do and I think that Ithaca can give me the best education for that. I'm mainly interested in the production side of things so I would really like to get an all around knowledge of how everything works from lighting all the way up to directing and producing so I can be fully knowledgable of every aspect of the process.

With the media world changing so quickly everyday, I want to be as prepared as possible for the very near future. S'park: Igniting Your Future in Communications which is a class i'm taking here at IC is introducing me to all sorts of new technologies that i didn't know were around yet and also allowing us to talk to either station executives and former students here also gives me more of a perspective of what I can expect in the future. I've been introduced to the possible new wave of entertainment in which I can be the TV show. One of our speakers Bill D'elia told us all that no matter what it is we want to do, just go for it, don't worry about anything else that might happen along the way which is probably the best advice I've heard, especially coming from somebody whose pretty well established in the industry. Also hearing from alumni and seeing that they are doing what they want to do gives me hope as well. I think the most important thing i've learned though, is that theres hope for me in this field and that I have a very good chance at getting a good job in the industry, which is something I couldn't be more excited about.