Chris Carpenter

Hi my name is Chris Carpenter and I am an Television-Radio major with a concentration in Media production at Ithaca college. I was born in Rochester, NY and grew up in Fairport NY. I went to the local public schools and grew a passion for people and entertainment. I was involved mostly with music and didn't get involved into more serious forms of media until I got to college.

Through out high school I was heavily involved in the Fairport United Methodist church. I was an active member in the youth group there and went on many mission trips with the youth group. I participated in the Reach Work Camp program through FUMC (Fairport United Methodist Church) as well as the 30 Hour Famine. FUMC gave me endless opportunities for volunteering and helping my community. They became my family and a very important part of my life. With a group of people from the church, I went to San Ignacio, Belize and ran a camp for the Arts at St. Barnabas. We went through the non-profit already well established in Belize called Peacework. They did an amazing job for us and I was lucky enough to teach music at this camp. Through out my stay I realized how influential American media is all over the globe and thats when I decided to go into communications. 

In my first semester at Ithaca I was an exploratory student and got a better understanding of myself and what I want to do. I also started the Open Mic Night at The TC lounge and am currently the co-president of the club. I did my best to be involved musically and physically with the ultimate frisbee team my freshman year. In my second year I did more with ICTV. I worked as a production assistant on a field show called Band Greeks and am currently an assistant producer on The Big Red Face-Off. I also have been doing my best to write new music and perform at local venues in the Ithaca area.


Contact Information:


Telephone: 585-683-2188