Christina Chironna


Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

My name is Christina Chironna and I am from Norwalk, Connecticut. I am a student at Ithaca College majoring in  Cinema and Photography. However, I will soon be in TVR. I expect to be graduating in May 2015.

In my next four years at Ithaca College, I am hoping to explore all of the areas within the communications field. Currently, I am very interested in editing and production of music videos. I love using my creativity to edit random footage on Final Cut Pro. I also have a huge interest in commercials and advertising. Hopefully one day I can incorporate both passions and merge them with my creativity. My goal is to become part of the commercial and music industry. I know it will be a challenging journey, but I am hard worker, a great multi-tasker, and put every ounce of my effort into the work I do.

In my next four years at Ithaca I am hoping to study at one or both of our campuses in New York and Los Angeles. I am also hoping to get the chance to intern at multiple companies over the next couple of summers.

Through the experiences I have had thus far I have learned that to become successful in the communications field I need to have a broad set of skills and be able to use several different networking sites at once. I have learned that social media creates great and inexpensive opportunities for companies to get their ideas to the public. I have also learned that the jobs that may be here today may not be here when I graduate. Keeping this in mind I will take on the challenge of exposing myself to many different experiences to enhance the variety of my skills to better my chances of getting a job that may not exist today. Through the Spark class I have also learned that I should immerse myself into different cultures and learn different languages so I can communicate internationally without having such a big language barrier. Lastly, I have learned that networking and multi-tasking are the most important skills in the communication field. Anywhere and anyway I can get my name out there I will.

Thank you for looking at my e-Portfolio!