I'm not quite sure exactly what job opportunities I am interested in upon graduation from Ithaca College.  At this point I believe that I want to do something involving marketing.  I am interested in the communication aspect of marketing and how companies go about effectively conveying their product to the consumer base.  I am specifically interested in the branding aspect of marketing and how different companies such as Apple or Polo Ralph Lauren were able to develop and maintain such dominant brand images.  I have always been interested in sports, music, and fashion.  One of the things I find appealing about the marketing field is that it is so broad in the sense that just about every company is in need of some form of marketing employment.  I hope that this will allow me to utilize my marketing communication skills to work for a company that deals specifically in an area that interests me.

     In the short amount of time I'v spent here at Ithaca I've learned that the communication and specifically marketing fields are much more complex than I originally imagined.  It has become apparent to me that communication itself is a skill that must be mastered over a long period of time.  I feel that the different classes offered in the Park School such as my Strategic Communication allow students to get a feel for these skills which can then be elaborated on in more advanced classes.  I think a strong knowledge of not only marketing tactics but the ability to fully understand your target audience are critical as well.  I feel that these examples are just a few of the skills that are important to learn in order to become successful in the communication field.

     I think the Park school is a great resource in the sense that this school gives us access to all the skills we need to become successful communicators in the real world.  I think the various majors offered in the school are specific enough where they allow the professors and various class curriculums to give the students the specific skills they need to be successful. I also think the internship opportunities are critical in order to be successful as well.  They offer the students a hands on opportunity to show off the skills they've learned at the Park School.  I also think the the internships are vital because they allow students the chance to develop relationships with different people and organizations that in turn can lead to job opportunities in the future