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Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a sophomore and first year Television-Radio student at the Park School of Communications.  I am also a proud member of WICB!

I have a wide area of interest within my major, but my favorites are directing and scriptwriting.  I also plan on declaring a minor in Legal Studies very soon as I am interested in the legal system.

sPark: Igniting Your Future in Communications has quickly become a class that I find to be very interesting and enlightening in many different ways.  The chance to meet such leaders in the communications field is second to none.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized how people can interact- especially when it comes to the sheer speed of interaction.  Before these tools, it was more difficult to get in touch with coworkers, family and friends who may live in far away places.  Now, it is as simple as sending a chat message or posting on a wall.  However, privacy has become an issue as the entire world becomes more public.  Although this may alarm some, I find that because of the world becoming more public, it will only strengthen the communications industry yet may cause fragmentation of how we receive information.

My favorite aspect of social media is how it can be used to advertise.  Facebook is smart.  It knows how to tailor to what you want to see and show ads that interest you.  Businesses are vigorously trying to create ways to attract customers using social media- some more successful than others.  Jobs are creating themselves because of this need to identify with customers through social media, something that has become very apparent since taking sPark.

What I personally find interesting is how communications has taken off in foreign countries who have never experienced media like this.  These new burgeoning industries being formed abroad are prime places to land internships and great ways to become a leader in a newly formed industry.  I hope to learn a variety of foreign languages to become an asset for a media corporation somewhere outside America's boundaries.  There are plenty of opportunities abroad, and I plan to take full advantage of them.

The most critical thought I have learned from sPark has to be how jobs are constantly being created.  Whether it be due to social media or because of new opportunities in another country, communications has a bright future in its workforce.  I will take full advantage of what Ithaca College offers me so I can be the most excellent applicant for one of these new jobs.

SPark has been a class second to none, offering ways to interact with professionals that I would receive nowhere else.  The Park School of Communications and Ithaca College have given me the chance to become a shining example in the communications field, something I will not pass up.  Getting to meet alumni who have met such incredible success is inspiring and an once in a lifetime opportunity.  I am incredibly thankful for sPark and all that is has done for me and my fellow students.