Hello and welcome to my E-Portfolio!

My name is Chris Frost. I come from Windham, Maine- a suburb of Maine’s largest city- and I am more than excited to be an Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College.

As I enter my college career, I've found that I'm also entering a very exciting time in life. While still a student, I am newly the owner of a small business (a roadside hotdog stand in the beautiful Sebago Lakes region of Maine). At this point in time, I have started to realize both the challenges and opportunities of promoting a local business. In my short time of soaking up all the Roy H. Park School of Communications has to offer, I have also been able to explore the opportunities that lie at the end of my college degree. I have already learned, that by using social media, planning interactive events, developing my personal communication skills, and exploring the endless possibilities associated with development of brand image, I will be successful at both expanding my business and learning how to best utilize strategic communication to help other small businesses excel.


In the near future I plan to utilize the changing landscape of communications to strategically position and communicate my own business to prospective customers. With time and a degree from Ithaca College, I hope to make a career out of advising the use strategic communication to build up small businesses similar to my own.