Carl Heyerdahl

Welcome to my ePortfolio. I am currently attending Roy H. Park School of Communications as a freshmen in the BFA of Photography, Cinema and Visual Arts. I am currently on track to graduate in 2016.

Photography in particular is my passion and I have lived and breathed it for the past 4 years. My love began in 9th grade when I discovered the manual setting on my Canon point and shoot and realized the creative control I could take over my pictures. Since then I have immersed myself in photography and practice it as much as I can. 

I am currently involved in a number of organizations on campus related to photography. I take photos and shoot video for the on campus newspaper, The Ithacan as well as being on the photo team of HiFashion Studios. In addition to those I do free lance work and pursue my own personal projects. 

I also love videography and plan to further my understanding and practice here at Ithaca College. I have not had as much experience with videography but am eager to learn and find it equally fulfilling. 

I would love to become a portrait photographer with my own studio, but also do free lance work for organizations like National Geographic. My photographic interests are broad but my passion is people photography.

I plan to try and gain as much knowledge and experience as I can at Ithaca College in order to compete in the rapidly changing job field I will go into.