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In 2009, I received my Bachelor's Degree from State University, College at Brockport in Health Science.  After pursuing a career in Childhood Education, I realized my passion lies within the field of Health so I decided to complete the Master's in Health Education program at Ithaca College to follow my passion into the community health sector. I am excited to take the next step in my professional journey.

Christie Larrabee

MS Health Education





My Philosophy of Education is as follows:

In order for students to reach their utmost potential, they must be treated as individuals and unconditionally respected.  In my classroom there is a large emphasis on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.  I believe each student learns differently, regardless of his or her academic functioning level.  I retain the same perspective no matter what classroom I am teaching in, whether it be a 12:1:1 class, an inclusion classroom, or a general education classroom.   These same principles apply to every student that I have the pleasure of teaching: respect the students, develop personal relationships, establish quickly their learning preferences, know their interests, and fully engage each student during every lesson.   It is my belief that when these measures are taken, with dedication and passion, students’ learning comes naturally and with ease.

In my classroom, learning is relevant to students’ lives and scaffolds their experiences to broaden their range of knowledge.  This encourages a well-rounded education that includes character education integrated daily into the classroom, and the awareness and celebration of all cultures.

My classroom management philosophy parallels my general philosophy of education: respect the students and understand their individual needs.  I hold the students’ dignity in the highest regard, and my goal in addressing a student’s behavior is to ensure that the only people who are aware of the intervention are myself and the student whose behavior is being addressed.  Behavior management should never interrupt the flow of a lesson, and a student’s actions should never be called upon to elicit embarrassment or shame.  I believe there is always a reason behind a student’s negative actions, and it is my job to determine the antecedent to any behavior.

            I am passionate about learning and teaching and I strive to remain current on educational research and effective teaching practices.  My main desire in my classroom is to instill not only a sense of wonder and curiosity in my students, but also the desire and motivation to fulfill those wonderments.  My classroom is a safe environment where students feel comfortable opening themselves up to new challenges and experiences.  Students are not be afraid to make mistakes in my classroom, for mistakes are simply opportunities to explore, experiment, and create to foster understanding.  Students’ explorative nature is encouraged, which allows them to discover that learning is exciting!