Standing on giant's shoulder

Hi my name's Jeremy Li Chengqi. I'm a journalism major student of the class of 2015. I come from China and have no previous experience with Western education system. The reason I chose journalism is because I like to know and report what's going on around the world the second it happens. Being a professional journalist requires strong writing ability, communicative skills and solid backgrounds knowledge around the globe. Just like Dr.Williams once mentioned, journalist is the job for young generation with vibrant spirit, are for those who are willing to put themselves out there at the front line, to experience what's really going on instead of sitting in a comfy chair and read the scripts. Unpredictability is another thing I really like about journalism. As a journalist, you expect everyday of your life to be different than the previous one. I have almost no prior journalistic experience due to the lack of resources. But I have been deeply connected to media since a very young age. I have been the MC of many events in my schools; I also deeply commit myself to social services. In 2009 I was a volunteer translator of American principals exchange program by Vanderbilt University; I have volunteered three times in Sichuan's worst-hit earthquake area; This past summer I was the TA of a summer camp leading by a group of Hawaiian teachers. 

After graduating junior high school I spent a year in Singapore, it really broadened my horizon and give me a better understanding of the western world. This cultural exposure excursion in Singapore also strengthen my determination to study in the U.S. Right now we're living in a much more globalized world. Globalization is a gradual yet inevitable trend. I want to put myself in this globalized context to do what I can do best for bettering this world. Chinese is my native language and language is power, I'm planning to take Spanish next semester in order to make myself more competitive in the future markets. Although I hate to admit, but China is an economic monster which has been growing and expanding at ridiculously fast speed. Dealing with China might be a big part of what future world of communications look like. Currently I'm taking many liberal arts-core classes so that I could build a solid foundation of my knowledge in terms of culture, politics and a general understanding of where our world is going.

IC has a lot of resources which I haven't fully utilized yet. Currently I'm focusing on classes and school work, there's an old saying in China that "Grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood.", which means "More Preparation may quicken the speed in doing work". I want to be of value of whatever is it I'm doing, not a liability or dispensable personnel. But in a short span of time I will start to fill up my resume. And hope I could be one of the leading forces of the future communication era.