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Hello all, and welcome to my ePortfolio.  Click around a little to get a feel for the place, and for me.


Basic Info

I am a current sophomore at Ithaca College, where I am majoring in Cinema and Photography (Bachelor of Science), with a concentration in Screenwriting.  I have been fascinated with literature for a very long time, writing stories since at least first grade.  The idea of spreading your ideas into the world while engaging an audience has always engaged me, and I’ve also cultivated an interest in theater, fine arts, and even sculpture over the years. 

I think art is about people reacting and learning about their own beliefs.  Stories in whatever medium carry messages, and when people react to that message - reactions ranging from utter disagreement to total agreement – they learn something new about what they believe, and perhaps expand their mind a little.  It is my goal to bring people art that will make them think, through writing and directing films and any working through whatever other form of art I deem necessary to get my personal message across.