My horse, Player, and I

Hello! Welcome to the E-Portfolio of Caitlyn Patullo, Equestrian, Singer, and Songwriter. I am currently an Environmental Science major at Ithaca college with an extended focus in Education and Hydrology. If all goes well, I intend on graduating in the Spring of 2017.

I have chosen to become and Environmental Science major because I feel as though the fight for our planet is a fight worth joining. Humans have unknowingly taken more than this planet can give, and it is about time that we take ownership for our mistakes. It seems to me that people simply don't know what is going on. Non-profit organizations are developing new "green" technology, but people aren't investing because they don't fully understand the problem. On top of that, the youth, the future, aren't receiving any education about the problems that the adults are struggling to solve. I know from experience that hardly any high schools and virtually no middle schools offer a class specifically about the environment. This needs to change. Our green efforts will only get so far unless we educate the ENTIRE population, not just those paying the bills. That is my main focus. I want to educate the younger generation so that they will grow to be a beneficial generation.

That being said, if you like what you have read so far, I urge you to continue to explore this portfolio. I hope that I will be able to provide an accurate portrayal of who I really am.