Caitlin Pautz

                      Caitlin Pautz


Welcome to my e-portfolio! On this website you will find a great deal of information about myself and my experiences at Ithaca College.  I encourage you to learn about my professional life as a student physical therapist, and also get a more in depth look at my campus involvement, community service, and leadership projects.


The very basics about me:

~ I was born in Buffalo, NY (I LOVE the Bills and Sabres!)

~ I am currently 23 years old

~ I am in my 6th & final year as physical therapy major; I also have minors in gerontology and recreation

~ I am an only child

~ I went to an all girls Catholic high school

~ I was an IC cheerleader all 4 years of my undergrad (Go Bombers!)

~ I enjoy volunteering and serving others

~ I believe a simple smile can brighten anyone's day : D

~ I think everyone of us can truly make a difference