carin Pracht

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Carin Pracht and i am a Freshmen at Ithaca College in the Health Sciences & Health Promotion department. My hometown is Gowanda, NY. I am currently studying Health Care Management with a minor in Business Management. I am goal oriented and driven. Upon graduation in December of 2014, I plan on pursuing a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. I already have experience working in the healthcare settings with various internships I have participated in. During my senior year of high school I interned at Lake Shore Hospital in Irving, New York. This internship only further confirmed that I indeed wish to work in the health care setting.

My uncle was a struggling alcoholic so from a young age I spent most of my time inside a hospital. Here, I was able to see some of the horrific experiences that occur may in a hospital setting. Based on this, I decided that I needed to devote my life to improving the health care others receive and how care is administered. This is what brought me here, to Ithaca College.

My long-term goal is to become the President at Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo, NY. I have many creative and innovative ideas that I wish to put in place. I believe that children inspire others and those who are in need of medical help have the power to inspire even the most ornery individuals. Children make living worth while to me so it is my dream job to make their experience inside a hospital better. 

At this school I am a Leadership Scholar. I participate in various leadership sessions, community service, and am active on campus. I have become the President of the Ithaca College Association of Healthcare Professionals- a group which is involved in volunteer work and we also travel to other hospitals in the area. This opportunity has given me the chance to further my leadership development and sharpen my skills.